Isle of Wight Red Squirrel Trust




  • Favourite Food: Carrots
  • Loves Eating

Adopt Nutmeg for a year and receive an Adoption Package, which includes:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Photograph of Nutmeg
  • Book ‘Red Squirrels’ by Helen Butler
  • Free Copy of our Newsletter

If you are renewing your adoption, you will receive a squirrel dvd (or alternative gift), new certificate, photograph and newsletter


Single Adoption, Couple Adoption, Family Adoption

What about us?

Adopting is Easy

First place your order above.

Then simply click below and make your donation in exchange for your symbolic adoption.

Please use your order number as a reference.

Outside of the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately we cannot send Adoption Packages outside of the United Kingdom due to postage costs.

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