Dead Red Squirrels!

Jan 18, 2024 | Education, News, Uncategorized

Firstly a big thank you to Tanya Rock for these lovely photographs 💖
Secondly we seem to be receiving a fair few dead red squirrel reports at the moment. These are primarily traffic victims.
We would like to remind the good people of the Isle of Wight to be vigilant for these little guys when driving around our beautiful home.
We know that they are tiny and have no road sense, shooting out from the verges with little to no warning but being mindful of your speed and extra vigilant in places where you see people have erected one or more of our road signs can go a very long way towards preserving our precious red squirrel population.
With regard to the road signs people tend to buy them and put them up out of frustration of seeing too many beautiful red squirrels killed by cars in their road, so the signs are a strong indication of the likelihood of a red squirrel presence in the area.
If you would like to purchase a sign for your area you can do so via our website (when erected they must be on your personal property and must not overhang the walkway / pavement or the road) – the link to see them is below:
Finally, if you do see any red squirrels on the Island – Dead or Alive – then please would you report them to our sister organisation @wightsquirrelproject either via the form on their website or via their app (details of both below):
1. Install App
2. Open App
3. Tap + Add Project and search Wight Squirrel Observations
4. Tap Wight Squirrel Observations and then + Add entry
5. Allow location services for this app
6. If you are not at the same location as the squirrel when entering the record then please note where the squirrel was in the comments field
7. After answering the questions then close and upload the data and image
8. Look for another squirrel 😎
Thank you once again for your support
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