How to get to Bluebell Day – Sunday 30 April 2023

Mar 31, 2023 | Event, News

Unsurprisingly, there is often confusion on how to find the beautiful, private Knighton East Wood to join us for our Bluebell event.

The red star on the image accompanying this post indicates the approximate location of the turning for Knighton East Wood.  There will be one of our signs and a volunteer at the top of the lane that leads down to the woods so you should be able to spot it easily.

As you travel along Brading Down Road with Ryde behind you, you will find the turning for Knighton East Wood on your right, conversely, if you are travelling along Brading Down Road with Brading behind you, you will find the turning for Knighton East Wood on your left.  There is some parking available in lay-by’s along Brading Down Road and some at the top of the track that leads down to the woods, we encourage our more energetic / robust visitors to make use of those spaces.  Having parked you will be able to pass through the gate at the top of the unmade road to the woods and walk down to the woodlands, veering right through the second gate which will take you to the clearing where you will find us before heading on to see the bluebells.

If you are using a Sat Nav to find us, we recommend putting in Brading Down Road rather than Knighton East Wood, as historically the latter has been known to take people down into Knighton itself.  Brading Down Road will be enough as we will have signs out at the top of the road down to the woods and likely a volunteer ready to direct people down to us.  You will also recognise the turning by the presence of the sign and the volunteer.

However there is also parking available down at the bottom of the unmade road for those who for any reason would rather not make the walk down and also, of course, those who cannot find a space up on Brading Down Road.

Once at the woods, there is a relatively flat walk through the woods where you will, hopefully, see lots of bluebells and for those who can manage it there is a second path off the flat walk that takes you down to a loop through the lower part of the woods where more bluebells can be seen, unfortunately the path is quite steep going into and coming out of this loop, and will not be suitable for all visitors.

Knighton East Wood will be open for our bluebell day visitors from 10.30am to 3.30pm on Sunday 30th April 2023.

The minimum recommended donation to attend bluebell day is £3 / adult, although you can of course donate more should you wish and as ever, children are welcome to attend for free.  Well behaved dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on their leads (sorry but there will be no exceptions to this rule).



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